Food scholar,
and author,

Astra Spalvēna

Food culture has been at the center of my academic pursuits for more than ten years, and in 2015 I defended my PhD dissertation on the subject. Currently I am co-investigator of research project "National identity: Gastropoetic aspect. Historical, international and interdisciplinary contexts" at the University of Latvia. The research focuses on meanings of food in literary fiction and cookbooks. 

Collaboration in the fields of culture and communication is something I appreciate as well. I've conducted live and online public lectures, written about food culture in periodicals and on my personal blog, and contributed to the creation of podcasts and exhibitions among other things.

Research interests: food history and anthropology, Soviet cuisine, contemporary interpretation of culinary heritage, challenges in food industry, food marketing, food tourism. 

Please contact me if you have a collaborative proposal or just an idea for something we could do together:
+371 26 330 992